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Richmond Vermont round churchOne of the nicest up and coming areas we serve is Richmond. We’ve been doing more work in the town over the last few years. Seems people like being close to the hustle and bustle of the Burlington area, but still want some land to call their own. We can relate to that! There are some beautiful properties in Richmond, Vermont and we enjoy working that way. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a view of Camel’s Hump or Mount Mansfield, it’s a lovely spot.

We offer the full range of our services to Richmond customers – lawn cutting (lawn mowing, grass cutting, trimming, whatever you choose to call it!) special projects, snow plow / snow removal. You name it, we probably do it. And we’ll do it with a smile on our face because we’re happy to have you as a customer.

The Famed Round Church

Seems most everyone knows about the Round Church. If you aren’t familiar you can find it on Round Church Road. Have you ever noticed that Vermont history is full of some of the least creative names? Find a road that connects two towns and there’s a good chance it’s the town1-town2 road. Anyway, back to our history lesson.

The church was built in 1812-1813 by a man from Claremont, NH. Seems he was fond of a 16-sided brick church they had there, and he wanted to make something similar. Over the years, it was used as a church by a number of denominations before the town started using it exclusively. They did so until 1973 when they closed it over safety concerns. three years later, the town gifted the building to the Richmond Historical Society. Over the next few years, there was a lot of renovation and repair. Some of the repairs included reversing major alterations made since the initial build. One example is the removal of a stairway to the attic.

You can find the town office’s website here.