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Moretown Vermont Map
Map of Town, 1873

It doesn’t matter what stretch of Moretown you’re in – out by Waitsfield in the town center, over the river near the landfill, or back in the woods of Jones Brook Road – we’ll help you out! We have connections to Moretown that go back, and our family even owns property in Moretown. With a number of clients in town, there’s a good chance that one of your friends or neighbors is already our customer.

We offer the full complement of services to our Moretown customers, whether you’re a residential customer or own commercial property. From our full lawn service (including grass cutting, trimming, etc) to brush hogging, snow plowing, tree trimming, and cutting, and special projects like installing walkways, we do it all. You can contact us to schedule a time to chat.

A Bit of Context

When you do research on Moretown, you don’t find much online. Some call the town sleepy, but we prefer to think of it as quiet. With a population under 1700 (as of the 2010 census) it’s easy to know people here. We see people at the post office, the General Store, or at events at the school. Towns like this were common years past, but they’re rare now. Which is probably why people want to live here. You feel like you’re back in time a bit – not in a way where you’re giving up modern conveniences, though. More in the way that the town feels a bit protected from the rest of the world. With people looking after one another and coming together when tragedy strikes.

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