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lawn service grass cutting central VTLawn services, grass cutting, edging, dealing with weeds, trimming (aka weed whacking). You know what we mean. We’re talking about all of the things that your green space needs. Whether we’re talking about residential properties, commercial properties, big lawns, small lawns… we do it all. In a way, it’s almost too good to be true. We get the opportunity to be outside, caring for your lawn, and getting a tan. Well, our arms get tan.

Each lawn is different, with a personality all to itself, meaning the lawn service we provide can also vary. Some lawns do best with weekly cutting, others want it less frequent. It’s not up to us, though we can offer our recommendation. It’s really up to you, and your lawn. Ever drive by someone’s place and see beautiful stripes across the lawn, wondering how they got them? Well, we can do that for you.

Ever wonder about the history of lawns? Human beings haven’t always reserved some of their space for lawns. Most of history, all that space was used for farming. Here’s a bit of history, with some background from

A Brief History of Lawns

The Middle English word launde initially referred to a glade or opening in the forested areas, yet later meant stretches of land that were artificial glades. Likely, the earliest yards were the meadows around medieval palaces in France and Britain, so watches had an unhindered perspective on people coming to the palace.  Whether they be threats or guests. The term additionally meant the town “commons”, the glades shared or held “in common” where residents could graze both sheep and cows. These hooved garden trimmers kept the grass short, improving the soil as they munched.

In the sixteenth Century Renaissance, gardens were intentionally developed by the well off in both France and England, however, they were almost certain planted with chamomile or thyme rather than with grass. Both of these ground covers make magnificent alternatives to grass in current yards.

Firmly shorn grass gardens previously arose in seventeenth-century England at the homes of well-off landowners. While sheep were still pastured on numerous such park-lands, landowners progressively relied upon human work to tend the grass nearest to their homes. Before lawnmowers, only the rich could bear to enlist the numerous hands expected to sickle and weed the grass, so a garden was a characteristic of riches and status.

So, the next time you look upon your beautiful lawn, take some pride in it. Know that there are people all over the world who would love to have the green space you have. And if you’re interested in having us save you time, money, or improve your lawn… give us a call.

We provide lawn service to all of Central Vermont, including:

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